Gift Guide 2019

Gift Guide 2019

Mellow, turnt, fried, badass, diva, low key... we've got shades for everyone on ur list.

Crappy Holidays y'all <3


An actual angel

Prolly has spare acid

Live, laugh, boy brow

Boys r back in town

Phone on selfie mode 24/7

Rock n' roll all night, party all day

Always tryna brunch

*Loves a breakfast burrito*

Looks great on 99.9% of dudes*

Gift the The Conga Jet.

"Something cool, but not too hipster"

The romantic

Topple the patriarchy

"I fucked with their SS collection but AW seems a bit derivative"

"Drip or drown"

Bad girls & boys only

Hip af

The classic dude

Bowie IRL

Beach bum 365

May or may not be crying into their almond milk latte

Just a really, really solid friend

The discerning palate

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