Introducing a limited edition collaboration with our friends in New York City, iggy.
iggy was founded by Jack Greer in 2016 amongst a world of chaos as an art project made up of storytelling and clothes. iggy focuses on "Plaza Culture"—a term coined by the brand to describe the microcosm of individuals that gather in public spaces designed by the city. Often a hub for subcultural groups and gatherings of protest, the overlapping of this cultural venn diagram is where iggy sits on a bench, hanging out and learning about why people are the people they are.
The collection features iggy's take on silhouettes The Warp Zone and Lucid Blur, along with custom packaging featuring Jack's signature detailing.

Blanca in The Lucid Blur

Nico in The Warp Zone

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The Warp Zone - iggy Yellow The Warp Zone - iggy Yellow

iggy Yellow

(+3 Colors)

The Lucid Blur - iggy Black Bio The Lucid Blur - iggy Black Bio

iggy Black Bio

(+4 Colors)

IGGY. NYC x Crap® Eyewear
Shot on location in New York, NY, 2024.

Starring: Blanca (@bl4ncaking) & Nico (@neexpico)
Photographer: Jack Greer (

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