Ozzie Wright: Welcome To The Fam!

We're proud to welcome Ozzie Wright to the Crap Surf Family.

Surfer, artist, musician—Ozzie is a creative force of legendary proportions. Few have contributed more to surfing’s roots of individualism and self-expression than Ozzie since exploding onto the scene in 2000.

Residing in Byron Bay with his beautiful family, Ozzie remains a DIY creative powerhouse, inspiring surfers old and young.

Ozzie Wright

Ozzie Wright: Welcome To The Fam
Shot on location in Australia, 2022.

Starring: Ozzie Wright (@ozzywrong)
Filmed by: Milo Inglis (@milo_inglis), Poppy Fitz & Ozzie
Edit: Ozzie
Music: 'jonny got hit by a ufo' by Ozzie & Goldie